BillBox restaurant software

Make your restaurant smart and increase productivity

Customizable, multilingual and supports multiple OS

Modules for waiter, kitchen, cashier and higher management

Support for online order, caller id and loyalty programs

Centralize terminals and branches to make management easier

Developed for premium restaurants

Billbox restaurant suit is developed in high quality to meet requirements of premium restaurants. It comes with premium features that supports wide range of businesses across hospitality industry

Supported Businesses


Restaurants, Caf├ęs, Coffee shops, Hotels, Motels and more.


Events, Museums, Parties, Pop-ups, Visitor attractions and more.

Main Software Features

Order Management
Supplier Management
Customer Management
Employee Management
Kitchen Management
Ingredient Management
Loyalty Management
Delivery Management
Online order Management
Dining Table Management
Branch centralization
Multiple Payment modes
Bulk Data Import/Export
Online Dashboard
Cash drawer
Table QR Codes
Kitchen displays
Customer displays
Kitchen printer
Android Support
Caller ID support

Other software features

  • Kitchen Order taking and it's cancellations with log
  • Support for multiple kitchen printers
  • Waiter ordering and billing
  • Support for local languages
  • Caller ID system for phone deliveries
  • Order Settlement and Delivery tracking
  • Support for Service charges
  • Emailing of daily sales reports
  • Application Backup and Restoration system
  • Support for foreign currencies
  • Support for Daily close cash
  • Centralization of multiple terminals/branches
  • Messaging system to selected kitchen printers
  • Support for table orders and order transfer to different table
  • Centralization of multiple terminals/branches
  • Support for Tax
  • Support for multiple users and user access management
  • Supports Multiple UOMs
  • Onscreen keyboard
  • Support for ESCPOS Printing
  • Customizable Themes, GUI and Functionalities
  • Support for VFD/LED Customer display
  • Accounting system
  • Support for VFD/LED Customer display
  • Customizable receipts
  • Ready made product list
  • 50+ reports
  • Support for credit payments
  • Special support for refunds
  • Automatic synchronization of data to offline or cloud server
  • Support for Network printers
  • Materials waste management system
  • Log for edits and deletion of receipts
  • Templates for product notes

Videos and tutorials

Billbox Waiter software features

  • Web/Android based application
  • Table wise order taking
  • Assign categories for each PDA
  • Arabic language support
  • Access control
  • Multiple Printer support
  • Network printer support
  • Cash drawer support
  • Order print preview
  • Support for multiple deliveries
  • Credit payment support
  • Automatic kitchen print support
  • Product notes templates
  • Supports Large, Medium, Small variants of items
  • Waiter selection support
  • Remarks against each order
  • Waiter selection support
  • Optional android app